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_ P the damping cylinders with engine oil SAE 2o (not multigrade) if necessay. Corburettor settings ohee iitting (sy_Ehroni_ing) l n order to enabte the carburettor settingg to be carried out correctly, the fol lowing pointg must first be checked and adj usfed if necessary . Valve cIearance, sparking plugs, compreggjon, dwell angle of contact breakers, ignition timing. If these adjustments are carried out careful Iy, sub- uo_uo t d_ t t _ jd __6_9 Seq Uen rea J U S men IS Vey Se Om neCeSSary. At še_a__n jntervajs, io, gKamp_e, when ,epjaš_ing Fig_ 25_ Intermediate Sha_ 8nd lev$,_. _ the air cleaners, it jg, however, advigabje to re- A = Clearante between stop and lever move and c_ean the suct_on chamber and piston _ . Le,,, o, t_,,t,_, __,, _. _,a,_,, _ thoroUghly_ spindle 7. l ntermediate ,l_a_t The ijoat šhambers ghoujd ajso be šjeangd at the 2_ Lever on intermediate _. Leuer on inter_ediate t. -_h. .j b d f h ij shaft shaft Same ime_ i S Can eaSi y B One a ter t e oat 3. Lo,knut g Lo,k,ut ' _ Chamber covers have been removed. q. Contro_ g_a_t _o'. L,,,, ,, ,h,o,t_e f_gp _ Synchronizing of the šarbu,ettors inšjudes adjust- 5_ Link _ sp_ndle ' ment of the c Iearance on the intermedjate shaft, adj ustment of the fuel,_air miKture and idj ing as wel l as adjustment of the choke control and fast Ad__us__ing E_eoronEe oi iIn_er_ed.io_e ' idl ing. h i S O t 1 _ PIace a O_5 mm (O.O2O'') thick feeler gauge at ''A'', Fig_ 25_ between the lever and stop. Screw out the idle screws (2, Fýg. 26) so that the throttle flap is completely closed. 2_ S lacken the locknuts (3 and 9, Fig. 25) and , Press the outer end of the levers (2 and 8) on _ the intermediate shaft carefully downwards so that the pins just contact the lower tooth on _ the throttle flap spindle levers (1 and 1o). 2 N_ B, Do not press so hard that the thro_1e fjap is affected, Tighten the nuts (3 and 9) in this 3 Position.. When tightening, note that the end _ _ float of the shaft should be digtributed equajjy _ _in both d_irešt_ong and that there _ig a smajj , aKial c Iearance between the l_vers on the jn- , i fermediate shaft and the throttle flap spindle Ievers. 3_ Remove the feeler gauge. Then check by lifting the lever at ''A'' that both throttle fjapg are actuated simultaneously. Also make surg that ij_iij_ the 'intermediate shaft is free and šan be _ 26_ d b k d d i d j F_g_ 24. C$ntring th$ jet. mOV0 aC War S an OrWaf S S ightly. It _ L,w,, pa_ ,_ v,,,,_ 3. _,t ,_,e,e m USt not be pinChed, For e Kample, by the Igverg piston 4. _gt (2 and 8) being fitted too close to the carbu- ' 2. LoCknut ,etto,s. _ 2 - 1 3 _
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