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____ P 12O, P 18OO P 'I ___ ,?;._ _ P Fig, 1O, Placi_gth$ tlutch inth$ti_ure, Il .J rods, see Fig. 1O. Place on the wrench handle __'_'' d d h _ h Fig_ 1__ Markingthe pressure plate and clutch taSing. an preSS OWn t e C UtC UntiI the CaSing _ contacts the bottom plate h . h d d d ' t e Stral▀ t-0 ge an OUtel lam0ter ofthe preS- 3. SCreW Off the three adjusting nuts for the _ C h _ _ h _ SUre pate. arfy OUt t e CheC at SeV8raj pointS. C UtC eVerg. _h _ b 4 S b k h e presSure p8te mustnot e cracked orhave _ CreW aC t e WrenCh handIe and remove d e Th b l h a SCOfe SUraCe. ere mUSt e no SCoring or t e armS and thrUgt rodg. _emove the ,_utch h d d b , Ot er amage CaUSe y the fiVetS. The same CoVer CaSing (21). _ h _ _ h _ appleS tO t e SU_aCe on the f_yWheeI. EKamine . emOVe t e eVerS aS ShoWn in Fig. 11 th _ f d ' e preSSUle pate Of ama▀e CaUSed by heat. I CLU7CH Wl_H DIAPHRAGM SPRl_G Check the pressure springs (coil springs) in a ' _ _ k h _ Spring tester. __hey must ma_nfain the prescribed _ ar t e pleSSUFe p Bt0 and CIUtCh Cover _ h h _ d h _ . h engt S at t e oa IngS s oWn in the Specifica- CaSlng aS S oWn in Fig. 12 2 _ h h b ' tlOnS. . emove t e t ree oIts which hold the pres- _ h f _ h n t 0 CaSe O a CIUtCh With diaphragm Spring SUle pate tO t e tenSlonIng bandS and retain- h . b ' F. _3 t e Sprln▀ mUSt e CheCked part_ICU_ar_y Cafefully erS, See l▀. . _e k ' 3 _.F fe h _ it iS CfaC ed or damaged in any way the clutch . l t O t e C UtCh CoVer CaSlng. ' COVer CaSing Compl8te With Spring muSt be re- p ___pe_____g p_a,,d. _ Check the ''dish'' of the pressure plate as _ follows. Place a etraight-edge about 24O mm ._ (9'/_'') long diagonaIly over the friction surface '' ofthe pressure plate. Then measure the distance _ between the straight-edge and inner diameter of the pressure plate. This measurement must not eKceed a m_imum of O.O25 mm (O.OO1''). There must be no ''crowning'', i.e. clearance between ' _ Fig_ 11_ R$moving th$ I$vers Fig. 13. Dismanfling_hgc_u_ch '_''' ,,, 4-4 _
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