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P t 2O, P 18OO Open the air-venting n'ipple and depress the sl8cken the bolt and nut for the pedal shaft (8, clutch pedaI. Fig. 23). (Early production has two bolts). Close the air-venting nippIe while the pedal is Remove the pedals (4, 9) and shaft. fully depr8ssed. Then release the pedal. Repeat 2. Knock out the bushes (3) with a suitable drift. this procedure until brake fluid free from air Press in the new bushes. bubbles runs out. Fill the container w_ith brake 3. Inspect the pedal shaft for wear. If it is eKces- fluid up to the level mark (Fluid level). Only brake sively worn, it should be changed. fluid which satisfies the requi rements of SAE 7O R 4. Lubricate the bushes in the pedaI with a thin 3 must be used. coating of ball bearing grease. Fit the spring _ d. _ d _ _ _ and pedals on the pedal shaft and set them up e_on itioning t e pe o s o in pos_t_on. F_t on the bo_t and nut ror thg peda_ 1 . Remove the split pins and bolts in the pedals. shaft. Place in the pedal bolts and hook on Unhook the return springs. On late production, the return springs. _ _ F A U _ T T R A _ l N G _ _ FAUL_ _ _ REASO_ _'- - HEMEDY _ - _ 7he clutch grabs Clutch incorrectly adjusted. _ Fol low the instructions under ''Adjusting the _ cl_itch levers'' and '' Adjusting the c Iutch release fork travel and clutch pedal play''. Clutch plate warped. I Ft a new clutch plate. OiI on the cIutch facings, flywheel or pressure RepIace the f8cings. Clean the flywheel and plate. pressure plate with clean petrol (gasoline). Clutch facings glazed on the surface. Fit new clutch facings. CIutch plate binds on the clutch shaft. Clean and lubricate the hub and shaft sparingly. Fi le off 8ny burr. (Replace the input shaft if necessay). Surface on pressure plate or flywfeel scored, Replace the pressure plate or flywheel. (Surfaces cracked or burnt. which are blued or only slightly scratched cBn be ground). Engine loose in mountings. Tighten the engine. Replace any damaged engine mountings. _ - _he Glutch slips Cl utch incorrectly adjusted. Follow the instructions under ''Adjusting the c Iutch release fork travel and clutch pedal p Iay''. 1 _ Cl UtCh faCings worn oUt. . Fit new facingS. CIutcf springs too weak or broken. Check aIl the springs. Replace faulty springs with neW OneS. , 7he ElutGh does _ot dise_gage _ Clutch incorrectly adjusted. _ Fol Iow the instructions under ''Adjusting the clutch _ r$lease fork travel and c Iutch pedal play''. ' Pressure plate cracked or warped. Replace the pressure plate. Clutch plate warped. Fit new clutch plate. _oisy clutGh Springs in the clutch plate hub broken or loose. _ Replace the clutch plate and facings. Clutch release bearing dy or worn. _ RepIace the bearing. Bearing in flywheel worn or not lubricated. Replace or lubricate the bearing. Broken clutch springs. RepIace the springs with new ones. _, _,
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